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If you or a family member is facing federal criminal charges, you should hire an attorney who understands the difference between criminal cases in state court and federal court. One of our Midland federal crimes defense attorneys has experience as a former federal law clerk to a U.S. Magistrate Judge and has firsthand experience in the federal court system.

Being charged with a federal crime can alter your future forever. If you have been arrested or even suspect you are under investigation, you can rely on Eckman Law Firm, PLLC to provide you with decisive, aggressive defense.

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How Are Federal Crimes Investigated & Prosecuted?

Charges in federal court often carry harsher penalties and are investigated by federal agencies such as the FBI, IRS, or DEA. In general, federal crimes occur across state lines and involve multiple agecies. The investigation is generally extremely in-depth, and the accused often know that they are the subject of an investigation. When federal cases go to trial, they are prosecuted by the United States Attorneys instead of the state prosecutors. If you are convicted at trial or decide to accept a plea, you will be sentenced under the U.S. Sentencing Guidelines by a U.S. District Court judge.

Examples of federal crimes we defend include:

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    Federal prosecutors typically have incredible resources they can use to investigate and prepare their cases. It is vital that your defense has been prepared properly to go up against this vigorous attack. If you are currently under investigation, it is important to immediately contact a skilled Midland federal crime attorney to represent your interests. At Eckman Law Firm, PLLC, we have handled thousands of cases and do everything in our power to protect our clients' best interests.

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    Our Victories

    • Dismissed by the State Assault Family Violence
    • Motion to Revoke Probation denied. Revocation of Felony Probation
    • Dismissed pre-indictment. Possession of Controlled Substance
    • Case Reduced DWI with Open Container
    • Dismissed by the State at jury trial setting. Assault Bodily Injury
    • Dismissed. Theft $100 to $750
    • DWI reduced to Obstruction of a Highway. DWI
    • Client received deferred adjudication probation. Racing on a Highway
    • Motion to Revoke Probation Denied. Revocation of Felony Probation
    • DWI reduced to Obstruction of a Highway. DWI

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